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Dr. Dan Kopelman
Dan Kopelman D.C., an Acton native, is excited to be practicing back in his hometown. He is often found hiking the woods with his wife Kim and his dogs Maggie & Lucy, or swimming the mile at Walden Pond. He brings that same passion to the office, where his vision and goal is to help create a healthier community. He received his BA from the University of Rochester. After teaching for 3 years, he decided to enter the health field and began coursework at the University of Georgia. He then went to Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, MO where he received his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. He has continued the education process by taking post-graduate coursework in;

• Pediatrics and peri-natal care, sponsored by the International Council of Pediatrics Association (www.icpa4kids.com)

• Health and wellness, sponsored by the International Chiropractic Association Council on Wellness Science

• CBP Technique, sponsored by Chiropractic Biophysics (www.idealspine.com)

• Webster technique certified, sponsored by the International Council of Pediatrics Association

Karen joined the Kopelman Family Chiropractic team in 2008 and she has been making us smile ever since! Her positive outlook and warm presence add such a wonderful energy to our practice – one that speaks to our mission to help families live healthier, happier lives every day! Along with her 3 grown sons and wonderful husband, Karen loves to be outdoors and loves the mobility and endurance she continues to nurture through regular chiropractic care. To her, chiropractic care and wellness mean a long, healthy, happy life that she can share with others, one that she may that inspire and rejuvenate her and keep her smiling every day!

Kate has been a valued part of the Kopelman Family Chiropractic team since 2009. Her entire family – 3 wonderful grown children and a fantastic husband – are all patients, and feel like regular chiropractic care has enabled them to enjoy an active, vibrant life together. Kate travels often to visit family, traverse the beautiful New England landscape and support her favorite lacrosse team at John’s Hopkins University (and her son, an all-star player!). To her, chiropractic and wellness mean a healthy life, a rich and full life that she can fill with the things and people she loves, as well as the gentle hand that helps keep her looking, feeling and living youthfully!


Dr. Dan Adjusting Patients


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